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Based out of Central Alberta, Black Horn Industries is a privately owned, technically focused, oilfield product/service company. Providing specialized technical expertise and innovative solutions to the demanding Energy Sector. By utilizing industry experts and understanding the need for efficiency, we are able to provide our customers support and cost effective solutions on various levels of industry, ranging from Conventional Upstream Oil/Gas to SAGD and... Read more


  • Black Jacket Pipeline Row Marker/Sleeve
  • Pipeline Post Restricted Ground Disturbance
  • 2 EZ Anchor™
  • EZ Flex Anchor™
  • Secondary Containments
  • Intrinsically Safe iPhone/iPad Cases

The Purpose

  • Protect pipelines using highly visible markers
  • Protect pipelines from ground disturbance
  • Secondary Containments
  • Ensuring Compliance with Directive 55
  • Bring protection to your hazerdous location with our Class 1 Div 2 iPhone/iPad cases