At Black Horn, we believe that integration of Safety and Environmental awareness in collaboration with Industry Expertise and a Proactive approach will deliver the most cost effective and time sensitive solutions for our clients. Innovation with progressive elaboration is a core value in delivering new and creative solutions to Energy Sector demands. Basing our corporate culture, company growth strategies and client focused service, on these core values will differentiate Black Horn Industries in the ever growing energy sector.

I thought I would take a minute to share our story about how the Hi Vis Pipeline Markers all started,

I was born and raised on a small farm in North Central Alberta where I still live today. I started working near my home as a Field Production Operator about 15yrs ago. There is where I realized the true importance and the necessity of Pipeline Identification Markers and how they protect the public and workers in the industry. As I looked over our gas field, I thought that painting fence posts every couple years was a pretty inefficient and time consuming tedious task, which only results in annual opex costs and having to paint it over and over and over with no end in sight. I knew  ~ there had to be a better way to identify critical underground facilities and pipelines, while being cost effective and utilizing as much existing infrastructure as possible to reduce the need for additional ground disturbance costs. After almost 8 years and a provisional utility patent application, I decided to pursue the pipeline marker industry as the need arose for a solution in oil and gas sector, for an industry changing alternative. When the first order of pipeline markers came in, I had to manufacture it out of my home as there was nothing like this in the industry nor did I think we would get the response that we did. I thought it was a good idea, but was everyone else going to ? From there the industry leading Hi-Vis Pipeline Markers were born.

We truly believe in what we have created, we believe this will help the industry, and ultimately – We Believe this will aid in preventing pipeline damage and potentially save lives

Since then, and over the past 2.5 years my partners and I have produced over 25,000 Hi Visibility Pipeline Markers that have been installed across Western Canada. In addition this past week, one of Canada’s largest Mid Stream companies has incorporated the Hi Vis Pipeline Markers in their Pipeline Crossing standard specification, as they realized the true benefits of what we have created and the need that it fills.
None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for a couple of colleagues that supported us and that put our markers to use. Its in those early stages that I am very grateful for the feedback that we had received, the relationships that we have developed across the industry, and the realization of how our product truly helps the pipeline industry.  For this, I say thank you to those early supporters that seen what I seen when I developed this as a field operator. And believed what we believed, in making a change and providing a better solution for the industry.

As we grow, we look back on the small victories and forge ahead as we search for solutions and continuously work to solve the age old issues that face oil and gas inefficiencies today. I can only offer the solution, provide a cost saving initiative and ask that you at least inquire about our product to find out how it benefits your company, saves you money and ultimately enhances your pipeline protection. These markers are setting the new standard in pipeline identification, in addition to allowing companies to have specific color coding to clearly identify a companies most valued asset. Preventing 1 pipeline strike, is worth its weight in gold why wouldn’t you protect your assets in the best most effective manner possible.

In addition to the Hi Vis Pipeline Makers, look for more information over this next year as we launch our Portable Flame-Less Heat Tracing system – designed for operations by operations, and whatever else presents itself as a problem that needs fixing.

We are grateful for the support we have received, and look forward to working with companies in the future where we can help in providing Safe and Environmentally conscious solutions in the work places.


The Professionals

Scott Pura, PMP

Mr. Pura is the President and CEO of BHI and has been deeply involved in the Oil and Gas Industry for over 13yrs. Specializing in Project design and commissioning in SAGD and Upstream Gas, Scott has gained invaluable knowledge from pipeline installations to facilities and start up of large scale capital projects.

With his Power Engineering and Operations back ground in addition to his Project Management skills, Scott has watched and learnt what it takes to execute safe, reliable and dependable projects. His eye for integration of technology has resulted in the direct supervision of over 100 successful projects commissioned without incident or injury. As this list continues to grow, Scott has seen a need and now desires to collaborate his expertise in the Energy Sector through Black Horn Industries and its team of professionals, bringing our customers the most effective and innovative solutions in the industry.

Nicholas Pura, P. Eng.

Mr. Pura is the Director of Projects for BHI and has over 15 years of industrial construction experience, primarily in new facility construction and retrofits. Specializing in constructability and project execution in SAGD, Upstream Gas and ongoing maintenance scenarios, Nick has gained invaluable experience serving a variety of field roles on both brown and green field construction projects, in Small Capital and Mega Project (TIC >$3 billion) environments.

Nick has a civil engineering degree combined with hands on craft labour experience in underground piping and civil construction, providing him with invaluable practical knowledge with a technical foresight. Nick’s Project experience with an industry leader in the construction management sector has allowed him to serve in project team roles that have driven the safe execution of reliable and dependable projects. Nick is always striving for more efficient ways to execute a project by utilizing technology and communication, which have proved to be invaluable tools in cost effective performance for a variety of clients including Shell Canada Energy, Suncor Energy, Imperial Oil and a host of key players. Nick is excited for the opportunity to provide guidance from past learnings and the opportunities that BHI will provide to the industry. He views the future of BHI in being a great conduit to channel his passion for exceptional projects to customers in the Energy Sector.

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